About Us

Thank you for choosing AGS to supply your Architectural Glass Products requirement. We supply the region around us with quality “Enviro” range of products, which includes Enviro-shield Solar Reflective Glass, Enviro-shield Low E High Performance Glass, Enviro-Lite FT Tempered Glass, Enviro-lite HS Heat Strengthen Glass, Enviro-Cool Double Glazed Units, Enviro-Safe Laminated Glass, Enviro-Bend Curved Glass, Enviro-Colour Ceramic Frit Glass, Enviro-Matrix Silkscreen Patterned Glass, Enviro-Spectrum Decorative Glass and many other choices to suit your imagination.

Enviro is derived from the word environment, and is chosen to represent AGS’s range of products, because it depicts AGS’s main vision to protect humans and buildings around us from the elements of the weather and climate, and also to grace the external façade and decorate the interior of the buildings around us.

AGS is an independent premier architectural glass products manufacturer, thus procures glass from all the major flat glass producers around the world. AGS’s array of glass includes Clear, Green, Grey (light and dark), bronze, blue (light and dark), Blue-Green, Azurlite and etc.

AGS has one of the most comprehensive in-house glass fabrication facilties in Singapore. These equipment are all imported from the world’s leading manufacturers, for instance, our laminating lines QUICKSTEEL (AUSTRALIA), cutting lines BYSTRONICS (SWITZERLAND) etc. These comprehensive list of state of the art equipment enables AGS to provide the total concept- from cutting, to the final glass product- leading to a single source responsibility, which is ever so important to ensure better control in material management, consistent product quality and meeting timely datelines.

At AGS, we not only treat our customer with the utmost respect, our clients can also rest assured of a quality product that has been tested by our very own QA QC. AGS commitment to quality is evident through the numbers of buildings that we supplied that is still standing tall till now over the years.

Once again, thank you for choosing AGS, and feel free to contact our executives for your next project.